December – a movie by Hilmar Oddsson

December, is a film which has been directed by Hilmar Oddsson, an Icelander. Hilmar Oddsson is an accomplished film director who has directed five full features and a number of documentaries, short films, studio shows and various action TV films. In December, his latest movie Hilmar did not disappoint. He has been able to bring out the aspects of the Icelandic culture that are not well known. In this film he reinforces the importance of family and compassion.

According to the director of December, Hilmar Oddsson, his inspiration for the movie came from watching a documentary titled “Three Women”. The documentary depicts the lives of three families who are not able to celebrate Christmas because of poverty. The film brings to the fore many aspects of life that we tend to take for granted. Although the film is depicted as romantic comedy, what comes out of the film is more of a tragi-comic theme.  December provides insights of what needs to be done for people to enjoy the Christmas holidays.

December is a small movie which wants to take on the major Hollywood flicks. Surprisingly it does this so well, just brilliant. Tomas Lemarquis is able to show that his acting capability is limitless and his success in “Noi The Albino” was no fluke. In December, he pulls it off as Tonni, a musician who had been living abroad for many years and heads back to Iceland to spend quality time with his family during Christmas. While in Iceland he also wants to record an album with his old band with which they had produced a one hit wonder.

But as he settles in Iceland he soon realizes that much has changed, his family circumstances have changed and even his old friends whom he used to spend time with have moved on with their lives. The blunt reality hits Jonni very hard but he has to adjust to ensure that the family gets to make merry in Christmas.

What you see in the film will surely keep your eyes glued to the screen. The tragedy and the humor in the film bring a beautiful blend of real life issues. This is a movie that you should try to watch every December just before the holidays to remind you of what is important during these times. Generally it is a well scripted movie with quality casts, who have been able to bring out the intended message quite easily. Though December has some minor flaws this is a movie that will leave you feeling that your time was well spent.

Who is Hilmar Oddsson?

If you want to feel a different kind of cinematic experience, then you should definitely watch the films and projects by Hilmar Oddsson. Most people would automatically stick with the most popular film directors in Hollywood, but they are actually missing out on other options. If you do not want to stick with the highly commercialized films, then you should try to take a look at the film industries of other countries. Iceland is one of those countries that have an excellent list of international films. In fact, a lot of films from Icelandic cinema have made it to a number of European film awards. And among the many directors of the Icelandic cinema, Hilmar Oddsson always lands on top of the list. But who is Hilmar Oddsson and what are his contributions to the industry? How are his works different from the other film directors? What are the best Hilmar Oddsson projects and films? There are truly a lot of questions surrounding Hilmar Oddsson. If you want to learn more about the Hilmar Oddsson bio and his works, continue reading.

This film director was born in Reykjavik in 1957. He also ventured into the film industry since his family was also into theater. He began to study film direction in 1980 where he decided to focus on feature films. While studying, he first tried his hand in making short films, including the highly interesting project named, In the Shadow of Scartaris. This was one of the more popular short films by Hilmar Oddsson which featured the mysteries of the glacier in the Journey to the Center of the Earth. When he finished his education, he ventured into full length films such as The Beast. This movie was a thriller that featured the story of two people in a remote area. This movie was highly acclaimed by film critics and was also relatively popular among the viewing public. This was also one of the best Hilmar Oddsson projects since he was also responsible for the screenplay, and composed some of the music included in the film score.

If you want to learn more about Hilmar Oddsson bio, Hilmar Oddsson cold light or Icelandic film cold light Hilmar Oddsson, it is advisable to read through several materials about the directors and films in Iceland. You will be able to check all of the films and projects made by Hilmar Oddsson, as well as the awards and recognition that he has received.

Why have car insurance premiums risen so much?

All car owners know the importance of getting the cheapest car insurance policy, but they also know for a fact that it is too costly on their part to pay for car insurance premiums especially if they are on a tight budget. This is why it is very important to take time and research for the most affordable insurance policy without sacrificing on the coverage in order make sure that your car is protected and at the same time the car insurance premiums you pay is within your budget.

However, it is quite noticeable that these insurance premiums intended for vehicles have risen this much because of various factors. And because of this, there are some who opted not to get any insurance policy at all thus, causing them some hassles during accidents. So what are the reasons why car insurance premiums have risen that much?

In most cases, the higher the risks involve the higher the premiums are. Other factors may include geographical location, driving violations, vehicle type, credit rating, accident claims and purpose of using the vehicle. All these factors are being considered before determining the cost of car insurance premiums. However, it is also quite noticeable that insurance companies have increased their premiums and even the government has reacted to this increase by introducing some legislative changes in some places such as Canada, no satisfactory explanation have been given why car insurance premiums have risen so much.

According to some expert says that the cost of insurance premiums is usually base on statistics and not only on the car itself and the person driving it. Some of the factors considered may be the number of accidents, the severity of these accidents as well as the damages, legal fees and medical costs involve. All these factors are considered by most insurance companies and because the number of vehicular accidents happening all around us increases each day, it is not really surprising why the cost of car insurance premiums has also risen that much.

Knowing this scenario, the only thing that we could do as car owners  is to research thoroughly and find the best and most affordable car insurance policy available. Find time to shop around and compare quotes from different insurance companies (e.g sites like You can always do this through browsing online as many websites feature many companies offering this type of insurance so you can always check and compare them. Try to check not only the car insurance premiums, but also the coverage as well.

The past patterns suggest that the cost of car insurance premiums will continue to rise, so better get one now and get covered immediately.

The icelandic film center

Among the many film centers in the world, the Icelandic Film Center is truly one of the rising gems in the industry. For serious film enthusiasts and fans, it is essential to take a closer look at the wide variety of international films offered by different countries. You should not limit yourself with the widely commercial releases of the more popular movie projects in the industry. If you truly want to feel a different kind of cinematic experience that is highly unique to a specific country, then you should try other film centers around the world.

Although you will not be able to find a lot of mainstream movies from the Icelandic Film Center, you will definitely be able to find a lot of hidden treasures from these cinematic collections. In fact, most of these projects are truly unique and can only be found in the Icelandic Film Center. Unfortunately, only a few people know about the Icelandic Film Center and the various films and movies included in its roster. You should never limit yourself with your local cinema or with the mainstream Hollywood releases because you will not be able to see the different talents from the other countries. And if you want to learn more about the people and culture of Iceland, then you should definitely check out the films from the Icelandic Film Center.

This organization was actually launched in 2003 to fully support the domestic directors and filmmakers in Iceland. The main task of the Icelandic Film Center is to actually fund some local films and advertise them in international markets. Without the film center, the local films, movies and documentaries from Iceland would not be known in the international scene, and will have a lot of difficulties getting some recognition in the foreign movie industry.

This organization is also phenomenal in the development of the Icelandic film society and with the growth of Icelandic cinemas. If you want some information regarding some Icelandic film festival or Icelandic movie theater and films, then you should absolutely check out the website of this film center. You can also check a Icelandic film forum if you want further information about Icelandic cinemas, but you will actually get more information if you visit the official website of the film center.

So check out the different full length films, documentaries, short films and television products from Iceland to have a thorough understanding of their culture and values. For further information, just check out the Icelandic Film Center website.

Searching for the best accountants in the UK

If you are doing business in the UK, then, you may probably know that searching the best accountant in the UK is quite difficult. As we all know, any business needs a solid financial and technical assistance in order to grow and become successful in the future. And in order to do so, the company needs the service of an accountant and also needs a good business accounting software as well. However, most of the time these accounting software have limitations so it is better to hire accountants that can assist you and handle all the company’s accounting and cash flow requirements.

However, you might wonder what attributes you need to check in order to find the best accountants in the UK. Well, here are some of the basic attributes that you could use in making your selection:

  • as much as possible the candidate must be a certified public accountant or someone who has more than 5 years experience in the same capacity
  • the candidate should be qualified to practice in the UK
  • the candidate should be adept when it comes to the various areas of the accounting processes
  • it would be an advantage if the candidate can offer value-added financial services and give advice particularly when it comes to financial goals
  • the candidate should be resourceful and a constant navigator in order to be updated when it comes to new issuances and taxation

Aside from all these attributes, it is also important for the candidate to be trustworthy and credible as they will handle the company’s finances and reporting obligations. Money is also at stake so it would be of utmost importance to deal only with those accountants that you can trust.

Searching the best accountants in the UK is never easy especially nowadays considering the number of accountants in the UK. However, it is important check not only the attributes mentioned, but also their  educational background and previous work experiences in order to know whether they will be the best for the position. You may also ask the help of accounting and audit firms as they surely have the best accountants in the UK to do the accounting works for you.

Since accountants handle critical matters in any business or company, it is important to select carefully and take time picking out the best accountants in the UK (see the top 10) which have the potential. And always remember that an accountant is there only to help in managing your finances and not because of anything else. So take time and look for the best accountants in the UK to assist you and your business towards success.

Top 4 benefits of Argon oil

For those who don’t know too much about Argon oil, they should know that this is a special type of oil that is produced from a rare tree that seems to only grow in Morocco. Most of the times, individuals will refer to it as liquid gold and they really have reasons to call it this way.

This natural oil is very well known for containing fatty acids, antioxidants and plenty of beneficial vitamins and because of that, it’s very valuable for the medical, food and cosmetic industry. In many cases, individuals will use it when cooking certain foods, for moisturizing their hair and skin, but also for treating eczema, acne and for massages.


Argon oil is a safe and natural moisturizer for all skin types and ages. It’s very useful for protecting one’s skin from sun exposure and pollution, it’s very rich in fatty acids and is absorbed easily in the skin. People who have suffered skin lesions are advised to use this oil, because it has antimicrobial properties and it will help boost the healing process. More to that, Argon oil is also great for fading scars caused by different skin irritations, like chicken pox, for reducing and also preventing stretch marks.


Culinary Argon oil has a delicious taste thanks to its nutty aroma and it’s not only useful for its nutritional benefits, but it also adds a special flavor to the food it’s used in. The oil is filled with a plethora of vitamins and essential oils that are great for keeping the body properly supplemented and also protecting it from the damaging effects of free radicals. The oil needs to be mixed with other culinary oils, like extra virgin olive oil for instance, for an even better taste.

Hair and Scalp

Argon oil seems to have amazing benefits when used for the scalp and hair. When it comes to the latter, it helps with increasing hair growth, reducing splitting ends, reducing damage and also moisturizing the hair. Argon oil is an ideal choice for those who have frizzy and dry tresses and after a few uses, it will finally restore one’s natural hair shine. When used on the scalp, it will protect it from dandruff, keep it healthy, well nourished and also hydrated.


Many people have problems because of an overproduction of sebum, which is an oil produced by the body and when this happens, it will result in acne. The good news is that Argon oil is great for reducing acne and that is why it should be used by people who are bothered by it.

As this article conveys, these are the main benefits of Argon oil. Using it on a daily basis, people will manage to improve the health of their hair, skin and also scalp!

Video credit: Poppy Austin on YouTube

Looking for Decorators Bristol?

If you want your bare home to be more aesthetically appealing, then you should look for the best decorators Bristol. If we can do everything, many of us would have decorated our homes ourselves in the ways that we please. However, many of us simply don’t have time to master home decorating skills. So better look for a decorator – someone who is well-trained and experienced in making your home beautiful inside and out.

Now, how can you choose the right decorator Bristol for your home? The best guide to a decorator’s ability is his or her portfolio of work. There, you can see any past work the decorator has done. You can see how he or she has changed the looks of homes (before and after) so you can begin imagining how your home would change. You can also state your decoration preferences and see whether the decorator can satisfy them at a reasonable cost.

The typical way of home decoration is wallpaper placement. A good-looking wallpaper can change the atmosphere inside a home and can lighten up the moods of people inside it. A good decorator Bristol knows how different types and colors of wallpaper blend with the surroundings inside your home. Many other decorators specialize in certain tasks, such as stenciling, wood graining, marbling, and so on. If you want a decorator Bristol who does a specialized task, you better prepare more money because such a decorator is hard to find.

When you are deciding whether to hire a decorator or not, better ask the following: (1) What will be done to the home? (2) What materials will be used? (3) How much will the cost be? (4) How long will the decorating job take place? (5) What will be the most likely look of the home after decorating? (6) How experienced is the decorator in the field? With these questions, you can reasonably compare different decorators before you settle for one.